We are the brave ones that believed in the return of Pro Evolution Soccer.


We all want the same result: best football game ever. Most of us grew up with football in our environment. We played football in the streets, at school, in the parks. Anywhere. Anytime. In short, football is a piece of ourselves.

Moreover, most of us also grew up with football videogames. Who remember in the nineties playing with our friends and brothers to first Pro Evolution Soccer games. Goal Storm, International Superstar Soccer Pro 98, Iss Pro Evolution…what times were those!

Younger generations did not experience those games. They grew up from first Pro Evolution Soccer games or even from PS3-PS4 Pes games. Different games but common purpose: simulate the football not forgetting that this is a videogame, and videogames, as such, should ultimately be enjoyable.

Maybe PES is not actually best football videogame. It needs improvements in all areas; in modes, in online, in animations, in edition…but at least, Pro Evolution Soccer has a soul, a big soul and those who met the saga in the beginnings know what I am talking about it. Cannot be explained in words. It can only be felt.

Every year haters appear during these days. They sometimes say I wish PES to disappear from the Earth, but what they really want to say is that they expect the King will come back soon. Because these people saw with their eyes the greatness of this Saga. And they need it again.

Best Pro Evolution Soccer is coming. Haters and Fans, both know it. The whole community has rescue the saga with their efforts and soon we’ll have the sky just in our hands. But in the meantime, we need to continue working hard by and for the game grows. Sending feedback to Konami. Helping Social Media Managers. Reading the reviews of people who are invited to playtests. Thanking all the editors that make possible to have all teams licensed.

Personally, I know sometimes Konami is wrong taking some policies and decisions. That is why we are disappointed with some things, but never forget why we are here. We are here because Pro Evolution Soccer makes us happy, and after all, this is the best of the life, things that makes us happy.

We have come to the world to find happiness. We have to discard things does not make us happy and fulfilled. I don’t like some videogames and I am not in their homes saying I don’t like your game. This is the real key to happiness, to stay in the place where you really want to be. If you are not in the PES boat is understandable, so take your suitcase and go but please let us alone with our particular hobbye. We chose this way, for better or for worse but we are the brave one that believed in the return of Pro Evolution Soccer and little by little the dream is closer.

Enjoy PES 2019 with nobody telling you what you can or cannot do. Best football gameplay videogame ever is coming. Just enjoy it. Because yesterday we did not. Because tomorrow is late. Now.

Carlos González Bravo (Kurosaki Carlos) 

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